figshare allows publishers to visualize and host large amounts of data in their articles

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key benefits

  • Make your data more discoverable and open to all your readers
  • Secure hosting and visualization in the browser of all file types
  • Authors can easily upload files with no concerns about file size or format
  • All data is citable and has a DOI
  • Increase end user engagement
  • Manage and measure the impact of your digital files
  • Become the solution for your authors to satisfy funder data mandates
  • Don't spend time and money building your own solution - let us host and visualize your data

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What is the price of figshare for publishers based on?

There are varying tiers of cost based on the volume of articles, size of data, integration with other systems and the complexity of implementation.

Do you work with non-open access publishers?

Yes, we work with publishers of all types and offer different options for traditional publishers. For example, you could expose your supplemental data in front of the paywall, increasing the interest around an article, while keeping the full text behind the paywall. We also support the option of having all data behind the paywall with the article.

Where is figshare data hosted?

By default our data is stored on Amazon Web Services S3 in Dublin, but we can plug into alternate storage solutions or push a duplicate copy of the data to your storage.

Can figshare integrate with our publishing platform, article submission and peer review systems?

figshare can be integrated with any existing systems but extra development time and cost could be incurred.

Can we customize and brand the figshare portal?

Yes, there are elements of the figshare portal you can tailor to your brand.

Do you only support CC-BY, CC-0 and MIT licenses?

Whilst we encourage research to be disseminated with the most liberal license which will aid re-use, we understand that publishers like to offer their researchers a wide range of licensing options. As a result the licenses offered by figshare can be customized per publisher.

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