figshare features

Academics are busy enough. figshare features aim to help you organize your research and get as much impact for it as possible, without adding time or effort to your day.

general features

Upload files up to 20 GB
more than any other free offering for academic data publishing
20 GB of free storage
to comply with funder, publisher and institutional mandates for all your research
figshare+ for large datasets
publish datasets ranging from over 100GB+ up to many TBs
Get a DOI for your work
including negative and null results — get extra citations for your work
Upload any file format
we accept any file format and aim to preview all of them in the browser
Accessible anywhere
cloud and web-based means that you’ll always have access to your research
Desktop uploader
drag and drop your files onto the desktop, for fast, resumable uploads
Use the figshare API
automate your research workflows check out some examples of how others are using it
Collaborative spaces
control access to your private files and folders with colleagues you trust
Private link sharing
quickly share large files with colleagues, then disable the link
Reserve a DOI
need a DOI for a publication but don’t want to release the data yet?
group interesting content into collections to better showcase your research

services for publishers
group interesting content into collections to better showcase your research
create a library of all of your digital media and data files and drive traffic to your articles
handle big data with no impact on your existing infrastructure

services for institutions
control of your institution's research outputs with private storage, public storage and collaborative spaces
showcase your institution's research with a customizable portal of all public research outputs
manage the curation of files to be made public, control quotas and administer rights
administators can view metrics at an object, researcher, department or institutional level